About Us

Crypto Club Media is the Philippines’ first ever cryptocurrency media website. Providing readers with timely and accurate information in the Crypto industry.

We started initial operations in 2014 with Bitcoin funds jointly invested by our investors. We managed to grow as better traders and investors and in the spring of 2017. Our investments grew with the company. Following our success, we changed our name to Crypto Club Media with the vision to help other investors.



According to Business Inquirer, only around 8% of Filipinos have some sort of investment—others simply do not invest. There is even a smaller percentage of Filipinos who are willing to invest in digital currencies. In this new age of financial technology, we aim to educate and encourage more Filipinos to invest.

We operate under the slogan “We want Filipino investors to win!”

We want to empower the Filipino investor—providing him with a reliable source of information with which to make good investment decisions and improve financial literacy.