Bitcoin Almost Everywhere: 5 Crypto Debit Cards worth Checking Out

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There are significant strains of the broader crypto community grazed at cryptocurrency debit cards. Indeed, it is an irony that the very institutions crypto was actually designed for are arguably its most popular onboarding forms.

Wirex: A popular company with a solid customer base, along with virtual products, it also offers a pin card. It is as well notorious for fees, and they add up. And while there is no company ever guaranteed to stay solvent, something to consider is its shelf life (they tend to come and go).


Wirex is suitable for longer terms. Spring of last year, it received much of its confidence. It has almost one million customers which are spread out through most countries, with about a billion dollars in transaction volume last year. For almost everyone, crypto’s slow merchant adoption is a giant pain in the ass. No matter how much one loves crypto and its potential, people have basic needs that have to be met.


Bitpay: Another well regarded provider is Bitpay. Its card is accepted all over the globe, however it’s only available to U.S. residents. There is no chip and pin, so verification is really needed. The card is available in all US states and it’s loaded through a separate wallet client, prepaid. They use Visa, and for around 10 bucks USD, an actual card will be sent along. Using it in just a snap makes it very convenient. Withdrawal limits are also generous.

Crypto debit cards are similar with splitting-the-baby, kissing-your-sister kind of way to advance the money’s future while still enjoying life’s material pleasures. If it’s done right, crypto debit schemes can be used anywhere, and major payment providers, such as Visa and Mastercard, would be accepted.

Cryptopay: The same with Wirex, they are also offering virtual and physical cards where it is available around the globe. It also has a little fee laden like load and maintenance fees, etc. Its selling feature lacks personal verification, so it requires more if limits are increased, for above a couple thousand dollars.

Knowing the crypto debit world, those presented are in no way exhausting. In fact, such cards are designed in helping anyone who is inclined to get started. There are still many others, as the market sees them popping up all the time. If these don’t live up to your standards, there are, again, a lot of other options.

Xapo: It is almost everywhere and it has a solid reputation among enthusiasts. It is also an earlier mover in the space. No chip and pin standard, though it’s still offered. The cost of the card is roughly $20, carrying an annual fee. As long as users stay under about $2,500 in withdrawal limits, fees are still relatively the same.

Shift: It is easily being connected to your Coinbase account, with relatively low fees. It is only available in 45 states in the US, whereas Coinbase is also limited to certain countries. Shift name themselves as “the first US Bitcoin debit card”. The card aounting to a reasonable $10 has no ongoing fees. However, there is a standard 3% international transaction fee and $2.5 flat ATM withdrawal fee.


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