Walmart’s Latest Patent Unveils Blockchain-Based Delivery Management System

Image Source: cointelegraph

Walmart, a giant retail in the U.S had its latest blockchain-related application that describes a “secure” delivery management system, consistent with a file printed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last July 5.

“Delivery Reservation Apparatus and Method,” is a brand new printed application, where it outlines a blockchain-based management system for delivery lockers which will keep delivered things safe until their purchasers are able to sign for and collect them.

A “blockchain reservation” system is projected for “some embodiments” of a system to trace which lockers are free, and which are occupied.

According to the patent, “each docking station is a node within a blockchain network.” Furthermore, any creation frequently referred to as a “public ledger” might act as an open record of obtainable and reserved units within the system.

On an application from Walmart, Cointelegraph reported that a “smart package” or a blockchain-powered tool may actually track a variety of knowledge –– together with package contents, environmental conditions, location, and different details.

Proactive Walmart keeps on developing a gamut of blockchain solutions for its business. It also recently partnered with IBM toform a blockchain system in trailing food globally through its chain.

In April, Walmart proclaimed that it had been able to use blockchain for its live food business, and therefore the company has also filed blockchain patents for medical records –– awarded this June –– a blockchain-based client selling marketplace, and a crypto-powered energy consumption management system.



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