The Project That Ends E-mail Spam with Blockchain Tech

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Do you hate e-mail promotions and ads? Or How about spam e-mails? Annoying right?

Little did we know, Spam E-mails are taken into account as the internet’s dirtiest secrets. Perhaps, not everyone is aware of this, but spam truly prices the worldwide economy around $20 billion each year and it accounts 70% of all e-mails out there.

Conjoint restrictive and technological solutions were unsuccessful in eliminating the numerous financial value and negative externalities of uninvited e-mail and spam. E-mail access outside of better-known contacts is tough, and that is where Bitbounce would step in.

Bitbounce, a blockchain technology that need individuals outside of your better-known contacts in paying blockchain-based currencies will send you associate degree email. This means you’ll be able to earn cash for reading e-mail promotions.

We like Bitbounce for many reasons.

First off, they are backed by a robust team of technologists as a point of entry. Many people don’t have any idea; however bulk blockchain projects are backed by remote groups. Several of the team members are part-timers. But that is not the case with Bitbounce. They understand what it takes to grow a technology company, of which are backed by a passionate team, that provides them a leg over alternative blockchain projects.

What is more impressive is that, Bitbounce is backed by Mr. Tim Draper, one amongst the largest venture investors in the house. He is the same Draper behind one of the foremost well-respected risk capital companies in history. Draper Fisher Jurvetson, or “DFJ”, is one amongst the primary investors in Foursquare, Skype,, Coinbase, Tesla and Twitter.

Could Bitbounce be Draper’s next massive win? We definitely hope so.

The blockchain quality behind Bitbounce is their coin, “CREDO”.

Purchasing CREDO is very easy. However all the same, we’re set to figure it out on a post that shows you ways to buy CREDO. Look out for that post in the future.

Until then, ensure that you add CREDO to your list of coins to watch out for. It looks like it could have a promising and massive year ahead.


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