Due to Crypto Market Dip, Graphic Card Supplier Now Cut Prices


Due to the recent slump in crypto market graphic card suppliers are now dropping their prices.

An anonymous source from the “upstream supply chain” told Digitimes that price of ASIC cryptomining hardware have been greatly impacted due to the market’s dip last month, with a predicted percentile drop of 20 percent in July. Among these companies are the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, as well as its integrated circuit (IC) design service partners like Global Unichip.

DigiTimes also reported that there are several millions of units as per inventory in the global graphic card market. Nvidia a US-based company that also makes graphic cards says that there is about a million GPUs set to be released. And now sources say that the next generation GPUs from Nvidia will be postponed until the later part of this year.

Nvidia reported the on May this year they made $289 million from the sale of processors to the crypto market in the first quarter of the year, and now predicting a drop of 20 percent due to market’s stability. Meanwhile in China, ASIC manufacturer were considering turning to AI due to increase regulations in China.

Just at the end of June, there were two analysts that warned investors of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. that shares could be affected greatly to a loss if crypto mining will become less in demand


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