Zug: Success on Blockchain Voting Test Despite of Low Turnout


The first blockchain municipal vote was successfully completed in the Swiss city, Zug. Swiss News Agency reported, July 2.

This project, which enabled citizens to vote using their mobile devices, was launched last November 2017. Zug, also known as the Crypto Valley planned to conduct a trial on the digital voting system using the city’s digital ID.

The head of communications for the city of Zug, Dieter Müller said on a report that the opening was a success and that the rest of the technical details such as privacy, voting secrecy, and the verifiability of the results will be discussed over the next few months.

Out of the 240 citizens with access to online voting, only 72 citizens participated in the non-binding trial vote from June 25 to July 1. Müller admits that “the number of participants could have been higher.”

Citizens have been asked to vote on both minor municipal matters as well as if they think a blockchain-based e-ID system should be used for referendum votes in the future. The Swiss News Agency reports that, three people indicated that they have had a hard time voting digitally, twenty two people said that they will use blockchain for surveys or tax returns, nineteen said that they will use their digital IDs for parking fees, and there are three who said that they will use their IDs to borrow books from the library.

Due to favorable tax laws and relatively friendly ICO regulations Switzerland is referred as the “Crypto Nation”. In June the Swiss Bankers Association was called by the Financial Director of Zug to create a work group that will help blockchain related companies open bank accounts.


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