Tezos hype to accelerate as token awakens market


In the midst of the hype, the Tezos foundation still hasn’t given any dates in the launch yet most people say that it’ll happen soon. The Tezos launch had been scrutinized as the EOS network started with a few problems.

In one of their announcements, Tezos pledged their support for the ecosystem as it targets to attract developers and those that wish to stake for th XTZ tokens in the verification and rewards of the network.

On very limited volumes of HitBTC, XTZ traded at $3.66 or even below 60,000 Satoshi. The pre-launch of the digital asset hasn’t reached its target audience which has made it unappealing in some way due to the long wait and the scandals from Tezos Foundation and the owners Kathleen and Arthur Breitman.

One of the biggest ICOs will come in the middle of a bear market as promising assets disentangle their gains. Pegged as the next opportunity to grow, the EOS failed to make a recovery while some even go into suggesting new XTZ assets which have spread on exchanges.

Just like other coins, XTZ hs been relatively low-priced. Although, XTZ will have its first launch as it will be listed on its exchanges. In the Tezos Foundation, being on a signifincant haul for crypto coins and paying other fees in exchange would be affordable.

In retrospect, the Tezos Foundation does not aim in controlling the network and its rules but ‘baking’ gives it a more democratic process. Being one the of the most contetious issues in the crypto space in the past weeks, the governance have various projects that aim in lining a decentralized project which will be one of the several players that will push for other unwanted changes in the community.

The Tezos project is currently in a security check which hires Hacker One to check its code and run a program for bug bounty.

“The HackerOne bug bounty program is the latest in a series of steps to support the security and stability of Tezos. Other recent initiatives include a code review by experienced researchers at Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, and an audit by Least Authority, a firm specializing in source code security,” as said in a statement.


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