After a Week of Losses, Crypto Market Significantly Rebounds


As of June 30, after a week of steady decline, crypto markets are seeing significant rebounds. All of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization were in the green with Cardano being the biggest winner, and in just 24 hours – up by 18.6 percent.

Trading at $6,391 press time, Bitcoin is up by around 8% over the 24 hour period.

Trading at $457 press time, Ethereum increased around 12% in the past 24 hours.

Substantial growth has been seen in the 24 hour press time, from 232 billion on June 29, to 258 billion the next day.

Among the top ten coins by market cap, Cardano is up the most, trading at $0.137, and is up by 18.6 percent. Bitcoin Cash is also up by 14 percent and is trading at $755.

There have been two significant slumps earlier this week when Bitcoin dropped belw $6000 on June 24 and 29, on June 28, Robert Sluymer Predicted that Bitcoin must rally through the $6,300-6,400 resistance level to reverse the existing downtrend.


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