130 Cryptocurrency Related Cases Listed on FBI


Kyle Armstrong, a supervisory special agent, said at a conference last week that the agency has opened roughly 130 crypto related cases.

At a digital asset industry conference in New York, Armstrong said that there are various cases that are connected to cryptocurrencies, and this ranges from illicit drug sales to kidnapping and human trafficking, in other cases it also has something to do with ransomware. Armstrong added that “There are thousands of cases in the bureau, so it is a small sliver at this point,” he also mentioned the increase in illegal activities through digital payments. These digital payments are linked to drug dealings, and have increased ten percent of the drug users who are paying in this method. There have been extortion scams related to digital tokens in the southwest boarder of the US.

Rob Leathern, Facebook’s director of product management also decided to tighten their policy with regards to Facebook ads that are promoting ICOs, and binary options. The social media giant, Facebook, is refining their approach on this matter, and banning ads that are misleading and deceptive advertisements.

Around the past few months, Leathern said that the company is looking for ways to keeps the ads going while making sure that these are safe for the users. As a result, cryptocurrency ads can run in their platform, but Facebook is banning ads about binary options and ICOs.


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