VC Investors Optimistic Amid Crypto Bear Cycle

According to the largest crypto-focused VC firm, investors remain committed to the market despite the current crypto bear cycle.


According to VC firm Digital Currency Group (DCG), investors aren’t that affected by the crypto bear cycle. DCG CEO and Founder Barry Silbert says that investors are apparently still committed to the crypto market despite the bear cycle.

DCG has proven itself to be one of, if not the most influential venture capital (VC) firm in the crypto space. It funds a number of multi-billion dollar crypto businesses. One of its most prominent businesses include Japan’s BitFlyer. They also fund Coinbase and Blockchain.

Large investment and venture capital firms rely on DCG to facilitate their initial penetration of the crypto market.

Despite the current bear state of the market, these investment firms are actually showing enthusiasm towards the market.

Of course, this can be attributed to their trader mindset. When the market was experiencing its all-time high, traders and investors were not interested—the market did not look appealing. In contrast, now that the market is down, there is a sudden interest towards the market and many are using the low values as opportunities to get into the market.


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