US-Based Goodr Uses Blockchain


The US-based company, Goodr uses technology in a different level as the firm goes for reducing wasted food using blockchain technology in various avenues.

Every year, consumers often waste a total of 133 pounds (60 kg) of food in each person which contributes to one of the highest figures around the world. Other than not reaching poor families facing hunger, the food waste is one factor in contributing to the methane emissions that also harm our environment.

Goodr has been doing this since January 2017 and with other help from restaurants and companies based in Atlanta, the food is redirected to local charities. The company CEO Jasmine Crowe said that other businesses plan the pickups and also into the deliveries among other things.

“Our hope is definitely like most social good companies, is that we’re able to work ourselves out of business. But one of the things that we do see is that there’s really not a lot of predictability in large scale food service,” said Crowe in a CNBC interview.

About $218 billion each year is being spent on processing uneaten food as estimated by the National Resources Defense Council. Goodr aids businesses make the process in delivery to packaging and tracking. A free charge is used for its app as charities get the free food.

After seeing one of her friends deal with food security, Crowe decided to build this company as she has been a consultant which helped in donating food to homeless people.

“Having experienced that first hand really shifted perspective for me, because for years I was feeding members of our homeless community. I didn’t understand that the face of hunger was readily changing,” she said.

Crowe stated that over $1.2 million companies have already been saved by her app.


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