EOS Block Producers Allegedly Ordered to Freeze Accounts

EOS block producers (BPs) were reported to have been ordered to freeze 27 accounts.


According to a tweet posted on June 22, EOS BPs were reported to have received orders to deny processing of transactions for 27 accounts but no reasoning was given for such move. Instead, it was promised for a later date.

The tweet author had explained that he had acquired the screenshot and information from a private Telegram group exclusively for EOS BPs.

According to the screenshot, the accounts will be frozen “pending further review of the claims by an Arbitrator.”

This is not the first time that EOS BPs have frozen accounts. They have just recently received criticism for overriding and ECAF decision to freeze seven accounts that were associated with phishing scams. Though ECAF had later on ordered for the freezing of the accounts, the BPs’ actions have made others question how “decentralized” the EOS system really is.


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