Europol Holds Conference with Crypto Exchanges to Aid Law Enforcement

The European Union law enforcement agency has holds a conference with cryptocurrency exchanges to devise a strategy to deal with criminal activity involving the tech.

Photo from Wikipedia

Europol, the agency in charge of law enforcement in the European Union, is meeting major cryptocurrency exchanges in order to better deal with criminal activity related with the technology.

The agency will be meeting with around 16 crypto exchanges during a three-day conference on cryptocurrencies and crypto-related cyber-crime. The conference will be also attended by payment processors and crypto wallet providers. Other EU agencies will also be present.

Financial Times received word from a Europol spokesperson that the conference will feature discussions on the “abuse of virtual currencies for illegal activities” and the corresponding ways in which the attendees can “enhance the capabilities of law enforcement.”

However, the agency also confirmed that the main focus of the conference would be the “tracing and attribution” of crypto and the ways to fight masking services—services that facilitate the disguising of the sources of cryptocurrencies.


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