Cryptocurrency Slang: Terms You Need to Know


Language constantly evolves and crypto-language is not exempted from this fact. Here’s an updated list of terms you need to know if you want to be a successful cryptocurrency investor.

Over the past few years, bitcoin has been really in the hype, and cryptocurrencies are all over the place. And if you are a newbie and you want to hop in the crypto-train, there are some new slangs and memes that are popping every day that you need to understand in order to know the culture of this crypto-world.


WHALE – Someone who owns a lot of cryptocurrency – usually 5% of any given coin.

“This guy bought bitcoin way back 2012, and now he’s a hugh whale”

HODL – It means do not panic. It began as a typographical error for HOLD, and came to mean “Hold on for dear life” also means “Do not sell your coins!”

“Keep calm and HODL, it will rise up again.”

BAG HOLDER – someone who holds on to a currency that is almost worthless.

“They call me a BAG HOLDER, but im pretty sure it’s going to get back up”

REKT – If you’re a gamer geek I’m sure you know this already, it is a phrase from the gaming world, it mean when a cryptocurrency goes down in value, it wipes out an investor.

“Let’s take a moment of silence of our friends who got REKT today.”

FUD – it is an acronym for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Which are just negative rumors spreading in the media.

“Stop reading those fake news on the social media, you’re just going to trigger FUD”

BEARWHALE – a cross between a bear and a whale, a trader who believes that prices will fall and therefore sells off, and can flatten the whole market.

“If this BEARWHALE sells off, we are going to be in trouble”

TO THE MOON – meaning bitcoin is up and it is a celebrations

“Bitcoin is up, and it hit $90000! To the moon!!!”

VAPORWARE – it is just something in the hype and has no real value because it has nothing to back it up

“This is a total VAPORWARE, it doesn’t have any real team”

SHILL – an individual who is promoting an altcoin for their own benefit

“This guy is a total SHILL, he keeps telling you to buy trash.”


And there you have it, a list of slangs and memes to help you through your bitcoin journey.


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