Women Underrepresented in Blockchain, CFR notes


A blog article posted by Catherine Power as part of the Women and Foreign Policy program for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) with Mayia Moncino, a research associate of the international economics in CFR, women are not well represented in the industries of the cryptocurrency and blockchain.

These writers, therefore, end by saying that women are “shockingly underrepresented” as the unequal treatment for the two genders still exist.

Through citings from Google Analytics, the June 2018 date revealed that a majority of the people involved by the 91.2 percent are mostly men.

For the authors, even with skepticism on the efficiency of its long-term remains, blockchain could still transform various aspects of life even on finance.

On a survey conducted by Quartz, it revealed that between the years 2012 and 2018, only 8.5 percent had a woman as its founder or co-founder even out of 378 crypto startups. The situation in the tech sector is even worse with only 17.7 percent of startups found with women.

The New York Times also published an article on February that the conference party of the North American Bitcoin Conference even held a strip club back in Miami.

There had been 84 male speakers and only three female speakers at the event. After a couple of complaints, Moe Levin placed two female speakers in replacement of the other two saying that the imbalance was not intentional.

The problem not only lies in the value of distribution for the cryptocurrency but also that women could contribute on the overall growth of the industry.

“There are studies out there that suggest men are predisposed towards bubbles in a way that women are not,” said Duncan Stewart, the technology research director at Deloitte Cana.

The Council on Foreign Relations a non-profit organization focuses on the foreign policy and international affairs of the country which through the Foreign Affairs journal and program studies by David Rockfeller has formed an impact on the foreign policy by the US through recommendations made for the diplomats and presidential administration.

Based on other reports, a conference also sparked when CoinAgenda invited a convicted abuser of women as one of their speakers.


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