Zen Protocol to Launch on June 30

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The much-awaited Zen Protocol ecosystem is set to launch on June 30 as the first version of blockchain for carrying and even tokenizing tradings.

During the community release of the Zen Protocol, Malkuth will utilize the SHA-3 mining by using the multi-algorithm which will be made available on the next release.

“This release will make all Zen Protocol Native tokens freely transferable and give you the ability to activate smart contracts with proven costs and full formal verification support,” said Isaac Rodgin, Zen Protocol community manager.

Users will have the freedom to move and also access tokens after its launch through the 24-word seed phrase as seen in the crowd sale. It would also be made available in the new Zen Protocol wallet.

Currently, the Zen Protocol is in its testnet stage where wallets are being tested and be made available for downloads as the team performs a screening of its security features whilst unrolling for a bounty program dealt for bugs.

The launching of the brand new network through a widely used algorithm has already made a 51 percent attack on the Zen Protocol. As a form of protection, the network needs a larger number of confirmations to make a valid transaction.

The Zen Protocol digital coin is still inactive, with no prediction of when the newly mined asset will hit exchanges.

With no prediction of hitting exchanges for the newly mined asset, the digital coin for Zen Protocol is still inactive. Once it has already been completed, the ecosystem is going to allow users of creating additional tokens to serve in trading. While the pioneer idea remains to be able to create assets that will have a collateral back-up which is usually seen as an asset which is valuable. These assets even include commodities, a real estate and even stock bonds.


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