Japanese Public Companies Flooding Crypto Space

More and more Japanese companies are entering into the cryptocurrency industry.


The crypto space in Japan had just recently received six newcomers in the form of publicly listed companies. These companies launched their own cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, further empowering the industry. Now, three more companies that are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange want to join the crypto space as well.

Samurai & J Partners, Appbank Inc., and I-Freek Mobile Inc. are planning on penetrating the crypto space with various crypto-related products and services.

Samurai & J Partners offers FinTech and IT services and investment banking. It plans to get into the world of crypto with a money lending program for cryptocurrency holders.

A subsidiary of Samurai & J Partners also lists a fund called the Virtual Currency Mining Fund on its crowdfunding platform. A new service for token offerings is also presented on their website.

Appbank Inc., on the other hand, operates in the media and gaming industry. They just announced the launch of their Virtual Currency Distribution Content Platform, @Blast.

According to Appbank, @Blast will operate as a web service platform distributing cryptocurrencies “through various content centered on games and entertainment.”

With the use of this platform, Appbank aims to promote cryptocurrency adoption.

I-Freek Mobile Inc., a tech company providing mobile content to mobile phone users, announced their move into the crypto space by modifying its Articles of Incorporation, adding “virtual currency exchange” business.


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