Crypto Manga? A Comic Book Series about Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency manga has been released to help spread awareness about cryptocurrencies.

Shonen Crypto | Image from

Shonen Crypto has just released its first issue. This comic book series allows readers to learn about the different aspects of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency investments. Readers will be treated to new issues every three or four weeks.

The manga’s creator, Taro, explained in an interview with that this comic is the first of its kind:

“I never heard there are any [other] comic books about crypto.”

The manga will only be available online for now but Taro is hoping to get it published as physical manga books later on. Creating music and music videos about the comic are also part of the plans.

The manga is originally written in Japanese, of course, but English readers shouldn’t fret as Shonen Crypto’s first issue is already being translated into English from Japanese.

Why go through great lengths for a crypto manga?

Taro tells his reasons:

“I want everyone to know about crypto and its potential. Recently, I feel that the number of active users of crypto is decreasing, and I often hear doubts about crypto.”


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