Russian County Government Website Cryptojacked

A Russian County Government website was hacked and set to mine cryptocurrency.


The official government website for Russia’s Khabarovsk County was cryptojacked—hacked and hijacked to mine cryptocurrencies.

The issue was discovered and reported by their IT Officer Vyachesave Kovalenko who explained that since the end of May, any user who visits the website or even just opens any page on the website, will be redirected to another website that would secretly install cryptocurrency mining software on their computer.

The malware was left undetected and active for 10 days before it was finally removed.

The county website posts important information about the office’s work and announcements of official events. It garners around 600 visitors daily—all or most of which were exposed to the cryptojacking malware.

Common Illegal Practice

Russians are no strangers to cryptojacking. The issue has been on local news a number of times, especially in recent months.

Just last February, employees in Russia’s nuclear research facility were arrested for using the supercomputer to try and mine bitcoin.


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