Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon Tell the Public to Beware of Bitcoin

Surprise! Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon are apprehensive about bitcoin.

Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon | Photo by CNBC

Two big time CEOs Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon took to CNBC to express their apprehension about their favorite cryptocurrency: bitcoin.

Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has always been vocal about his distaste for bitcoin. When he and Dimon were asked during the interview “which one of you hates bitcoin more?” Buffett responded:

“I set a high standard. I don’t know whether Jamie can top me or not.”

In turn, Dimon, JP Morgan CEO, responded saying:

“I don’t want to be a bitcoin spokesman. Just beware.”

Buffett has called bitcoin a myriad of things, including a “mirage” and “rat poison squared.”

Dimon, on the other hand, was always critical about the cryptocurrency. He had called it a “fraud” last fall. However, in January of this year, he had retracted the statement and said that “blockchain is real.”


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