Hackathon Race Begins

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A total of five teams will battle on Saturday, June 9 as the opening of the Hackathon event that will take place in Hong Kong in a secret location.

All those that wish to participate are entitled to submit their entries through a Youtube video or Youku video pitch that needs to undergo a voting process within the community.

The chosen projects with the most number of likes will proceed to the following preliminary stage as judges pick their choices that will compete in the main event.

The panel list include representatives from the most prestigious companies of crypto industry which includes Dan Larimer of EOS CTO and Brendan Blumer of Block.one. These five teams will compete in the Hong Kong event as it includes Bee Social, Drops, iRespo.com, Armada and Loan-Block.

Each Dapp submission in the in-person event must not be started before the event begins as it will be receiving a total score ranging from 0 to 20 which will base on an average from each score given. The panel will assess based on these criteria:

  1. Utilization of EOSIO Blockchain technology (5pts)
  2. Creativity (5pts)
  3. Impact (5pts)
  4. Scalability (5pts)

The first winning teams will be awarded $100,000 with a travel package for each member onto the grand final location. The other winning teams on the second and third winning places will be awarded $25,000 and $10,000 respectively, with an inclusive travel package as well. An additional $3,000 will awarded for other ‘superlative’ winners.

The next two stages will take place in Synder in Aug. 4-5 and London on Sept. 22-23.

Hackathon’s overall winning team will take the prized money of $500,000 and a sit down interview with Block.one and EOS Venture Capital.


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