Fifth Largest Cryptocurrency Launches


On the results of a live-streamed voting, the EOS blockchain launches on June 9, Friday.

The following candidates on the next EOS blockchain entitled “Block Producers”, the counterpart of miners on the blockchain of Bitcoin voted “Go” in the latest session for votation that will make the main net of EOS to be live by 1 in the afternoon in UTC. The community has even confirmed a success in the launching as of printing.

After a week of the released version 1.0 of the blockchain protocol EOSIO to the public, the announcement has been made. EOSIO software, on the other hand, had been created to build scalable applications which are blockchain-based for businesses in the community.

As a protocol for decentralized applications (DApps), EOSIO is expected to be directly complete with Ethereum (ETH), where they also received a better boost on the last week’s funding.

On the same day, also launched a $50 million fund in supporting the development of the ecosystem of EOSIO with a partnership deal made with SVK Crypto, a London-based blockchain investor.

Cointelegraph reported before a completed year-long token sale with a raise of $4 billion by EOS which also is to become the history’s largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Being currently in the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the market, EOS now has a $12.8 billion market capitalization where the coin has only seen a 3 percent growth in the past 24 hours as of press time with a trading amount at $14.37.


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