IOTA Qubic Project Aims For Complete Ecosystem


As the IOTA project has been getting a boost in its launch of the Qubic as a complete form of the ecosystem with distributed computing that could add a value and application to the asset. For years of development, the Qubic system had finally launched.

The list of platforms also offer distributed computation for a certain fee in tokens, the IOTA tangle on the other hand should use other users’ resources for it to be measurable by scale and be performed in computations or in completing the smart contracts to no amount.

The project is completed by the vague promises if the IOTA as it continues to include smart contracts. With this, the IOTA platforms are being brought about by project wrap-ups, smart contracts, oracles and distributed computations.

The IOTA oracles will have the power in supplying information beyond the premises of the world and have them tied up to certain functions of the smart contracts. Even though creating a smart contract on a number of platforms may be trivial, creating such oracles for a certain contract is limited in the business of crypto coins. Expectations on future projects of adding tokens to the IOTA tangle have been around the idea which has turned the project as one of the cheapest platforms there is in serving smart contracts and in helping fast token creation.

In a short while, certain expectations on the Qubic launch being an immediate bullish news for the IOTA, apparently did not materialize. MIOTA market price even sank by a not less than 13% overnight amounting to $1.71. Although the huge raise for IOTA happened in the previous days which showed a weekly gain of over 19%.

Surprising as it may seem, but the IOTA has become one of the “Ethereum killer” projects due to its great new deal of products and ecosystem. IOTA has already become the digital counterpart system in terms of the Internet of Things. Although, certain real-life applications of the Internet of Things have been slow on the process causing IOTA to lag behind.

In a similar manner, this year seems to be where certain platforms are catching more gains and attention compared to that of last year.

The release of the Trinity wallet is one of the most-awaited updates for IOTA. This product is a proprietary wallet for tokens collected for MIOTA. For now, MIOTA owners only rely on exchanges and simple wallets which often times have problems in checking their balances.

The Trinity wallet is still on beta release which is seen to be one of the key indicators in measuring the success of this project. The announcement on Trinity Beta has been one of the reasons for the recent hike in IOTA prices. But now, prices are back to its original amount with an even renewed trend.


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