This Airport Lets You Buy Your Duty-Free With Bitcoin


Brisbane Airport announced back in January of a partnership that allows customers to use cryptocurrency as payment in all retail outlets at the airport.

This has become a practical reality last Sunday.

This move is the result of a partnership between Brisbane Airport and TravelByBIt, a startup based in Queensland, Australia that focuses on helping travelers pay for their trips with cryptocurrencies.

There are currently 30 retail stores in Brisbane Airport that allows you to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for goods. According to TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh, this is only the beginning.

“We did a test for two weeks and we launched it last week,” said Yeoh. “We’re gradually rolling it out.”

“More are coming, we just need time to train up the staff, he added.

Yeoh explained that the payment systems are easy to use and rightly so, in order to build trust between customers and retailers.

“We’re just trying to build a real world use case for cryptocurrency,” Yeoh explained. “Bitcoin is perfect for travel, there’s no exchange rate issues or risk of credit card fraud.”


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