Intensive Crypto Investment Course for Seniors in Japan


A growing number of senior citizens and middle-aged adults in Japan are starting to show interest in cryptocurrency and for this purpose Japan’s Cryptocurrency Support Center launched an intensive crypto investment course for this demographic. Local media outlets tout it as the “first virtual currency investment course for seniors” in Japan.

According to its website, the Tokyo-based support center encourages “dissemination of the correct information and knowledge of virtual currencies” as well as “building assets with virtual currency with confidence.”

The company claims to have connections with overseas exchange and currency issuers and seeks to promote “the sound development of the virtual currency industry.”

The center describes this venture saying:

In the past, investment of stocks and FX was the mainstream. However, since 2017 virtual currencies became a topic in the news, and seniors who start investing [in] virtual currencies are increasing…we hold virtual currency seminars…and some participants in their 80s have participated.

More and more seniors and middle aged people are turning to cryptocurrencies simply to increase their asset holdings “for the future relief of family and grandchildren to eliminate anxiety about old age,” the center said.


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