Tech Up Movement Launched


With the mission to make “digital transformation for the rest of us,” the Tech Up Philippines Movement was formally launched on the second day of the Blockchain Asia Applications and Economics Forum 2018.

The movement aims to solve digital problems and concerns, said the representative who spoke at the 3-day summit held at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, claiming that addressing these issues would be beneficial for the growth of the Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP).

He cited a report indicating that by 2021, 60 percent of Asia Pacific GDP will be derived from digital products and services which equates to $1 trillion US dollars.

Even with proofs that digital transformation can create competitive advantages to businesses, the representative said that some firms still have “excuses and reasons why digital transformation is not for them.”

“Current technology is perceived to expensive, it takes time to implement, and it’s a whole drastic culture change,” he said, referring to answers of companies who are not yet keen on shifting to digital for their business operations.

“While there is digital transformation” in the Philippines, “technology remains to be elusive to many.”

And that is what Tech Up Movement is all about.

“We want to serve the fishermen, the taho vendor, and the sari-sari stores to provide technology solutions for them, the small, medium enterprises in the Philippines,” the speaker said.

“Digital transformation for the rest of us – that’s our goal.”

The Tech Up Philippines Movement key targets include:

  •      Education
  •      Healthcare
  •      Logistics
  •      SMEs
  •      Rural Banks or Cooperatives

To tech up the Philippines, the movement plans to work with its partners to educate the Filipinos on different technologies that are already available in the country; they also plan to hold Hackathons to bring out technology solutions that would be a co-creation with different individuals; and expand reach by leveraging on the network.


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