Eat BCH Feeds South Sudan

The Bitcoin Cash charity organization Eat BCH has started helping feed the people of South Sudan.


The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) powered charity Eat BCH has already made its presence known when it helped the people of Venezuela with food bought with BCH donations last April. Now, they have spread its philanthropy to East Africa, specifically to South Sudan.

The country of South Sudan has been dealing with a civil war for a while now. The war has made it difficult for residents to acquire basic needs like food and clean water. Hence, Eat BCH decided to help out.

They started on May 31 where more than 50 people are reported to have attended the feeding program despite the bad weather:

“Our first day—and a rainy day-and the line is out the door! Over 50 people came to eat today.”

June 1 saw the charity serve residents good meals of ‘Adas’—spiced lentils and rice. The South Sudanese children were also treated to lessons or demonstrations on how BCH donations made the feeding program possible.

Like many in African countries, cryptocurrencies are proving to be quite useful in South Sudan. Their fiat currency, the South Sudanese Pound, is suffering from a crazy inflation of 11,000%!


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