Bitcoin Rewards for Gamers?

Internet service provider in Japan to launch an app that rewards gamers in bitcoin.


Japan’s leading internet services provider has come up with an app as a way to distribute cryptocurrencies as game rewards for achievements earned.

GMO Internet is calling their app the “CryptoChips by GMO”. The app will initially support just bitcoin but is likely to support other cryptocurrencies later on. Gamers will be able to receive bitcoin as “secret pocket money” depending on their rankings in the game. Bitcoin can also be earned when gamers earn certain achievements in the game.

Of course, gamers should have their own bitcoin wallets to receive their rewards.

GMO’s first CryptoChips offering will be in August this year for the territorial battle game Whimsical War.

GMO has long been in the crypto scene. In May 2017, the company had started crypto trading and FX. In December 2017, they announced the launch of their crypto mining venture in Europe. Also, in two days, June 6, 2018, they will be launching their GMO miner B2.


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