ASUS’ Newest Crypto-Mining Motherboard Can Support 20 Gpus


Major hardware and electronics company ASUS is diving further into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of the H370 Mining Master—its latest motherboard that boasts of being able to support up to 20 graphics cards, typically used for crypto mining.

The new motherboard uses PCle-over-USB ports for what ASUS considers a stronger and simpler connectivity compared to other mining-focused motherboards.

The H379 Mining Master allows you to manage each port and graphics card with its on-board diagnostics. One notable feature of the motherboard is that it scans your system when you boot up, in order to establish the status of each port. Additionally, there are onboard LEDs that notify you when a problem with certain components such as memory or the processor arises. ASUS has included additional features to help optimize the mining experience as well.

The H370 Mining Master comes after last year’s B250 Mining Expert, which only had space for 19 CPUs via PCle ports. ASUS claims that that board had exceeded expectations sales-wise, which prompted the company to continue its foray into the crypto space and improve its mining-tailored motherboards.

The H370 Mining Master will ship later in the year although the company has yet to announce pricing details.


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