Blockhain Technology is Key to Economic Development in Africa


Nigeria and several countries in Africa are starting to embrace and open up the continent to Blockchain technology and its benefits for its development.

Experts at the first Blockchain Africa Conference, organized by Fintech Worldwide Limited together with Eka Consult in Lagos, all agreed that with the current global trend, blockchain would open the doors for global development in the African continent.

The experts specifically identified ways that the technology could be used to address the issues slowing down the continent’s economic development. In a speech during the event, Steph Mekwuye founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eka Consult said that the conference was held in Lagos due to Nigeria’s position as the leading economy in Africa.

Mekwuye said, “At present, blockchain technology has become a day to day technology in the Europe, America and some parts of Asia, Fintech Worldwide in conjunction with Eka consult brings an array of IT leaders and experts both within and outside the country to educate and enlighten the industry stakeholders on the opportunities in the blockchain technology.”


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