Nicko van Someren is Nanopay’s Chief Security Officer


Nanopay, a Toronto-based Fintech company that helps banks facilitate real-time payments worldwide, welcomed Nicko van Someren as its Chief Security Officer (CSO).

Van Someren has been on nanopay’s advisory board in the last five years. He recently served as the CTO and executive director of the Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative, a program aimed at improving the security of open source projects. Prior to that, Van Someren was hardware security model company nCipher Pic’s CTO. He was also CTO of Good Technology, which was later acquired by Blackberry. Someren also worked as Juniper Network’s chief security architect and Ant Pic’s Founder and CTO.

“Nicko’s been advising us since the beginning of nanopay. His proven track record and strategic vision on security are a perfect fit for the company and align well with the direction of nanopay,” said Laurence Cooke, founder and CEO of nanopay.

“With the addition of Nicko to our team, our products will set a new standard for secure, frictionless payments,” he added.

As the newly installed CSO of nanopay, Van Someren will be working to ensure that the company’s products and services are secure in their design, implementation and operation.

“I am excited to be joining nanopay and to help it transform the way that payments are processed,” said Van Someren. “Cryptographic security has always been at the core of what nanopay does, and as CSO, I shall be working to ensure that key principles of security and trust lie at the heart of everything we do going forward.”


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