First Crypto Index Trading Product, Huobi Launches


The global digital asset exchange, Huobi Group, has unveiled the Huobi 10 Index. This is the first cryptocurrency index trading product uniquely designed to track the ten well-known digital assets with the most considerable market value and most liquidity.

Through measuring the overall performance of those digital assets that are traded against USDT on Huobi Pro, HB10 will give access to traders to diversify their portfolios, track their trading performance and the market in a more efficient manner.

HB10 aims to improve the liquidity of digital assets and diversify trading through different types of coins. It also offers both retail and institutional traders for new arbitrage opportunities. In the subscription period, traders can exchange HB10 product with USDT, BTC, ETH, and HT. After three days that the subscription period is over, HB10 can be traded in USDT on Huobi Pro.

For traders who are new to the digital assets market, HB10 provides a familiar and comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency market and aims to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto markets. Currently, numerous amount of coins on the market have been displayed both high volatility and high return. Without a deep understanding of blockchain technology and underlying fundamentals, prospective digital asset traders have a hard time finding a way to enter the booming market.

For prospective traders who have a variating risk appetite than speculators, the HB10 product provides a dependable trading vehicle for passive and value traders. Also, it offers institutional traders a way of managing their large trading portfolios and gauging the market.

The available Huobi.Pro can allow users to log in and view the Huobi10 Index at a glance and in real-time. The trading price of the HB10 is quoted from the Huobi exchange, which is one of the world’s largest exchange by trading volume. As it is being updated every 15 seconds, HB10 is the true real-time and comprehensive view of the crypto market.

A new hot asset

Huobi’s foray into token is gaining significant traction as Huobi Token is increasing in value and has become an indispensable tool within the Huobi trading ecosystem. As of last week, Huobi has been gaining popularity and has come close to or even surpassed Binance in terms of volume, depending on the asset


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