Crypto Publicity Stunt Ends in Death

A publicity stunt involving cryptocurrencies has led to a man’s death.


Ukranian social network called ASKfm had been planning to raise funds via an initial coin offering (ICO). The company had put on a publicity stunt, sponsoring four people on a dangerous hike up Mount Everest to bury a hard drive holding what is reported to be $50,000 worth of their digital tokens.

The value is said to be based on an estimate “once the pre-sale and ICO launch,” explains a spokesperson to the Financial Times.

However, it was reported that someone had died during this publicity stunt. A climber who covers events that happen on the mountain, Alan Arnette, reported on his blog that a local Nepalese Sherpa accompanying the ASKfm group had died, categorizing the death under “Preventable Deaths.”

Taras Pozdnii, one of the climbers sponsored by ASKfm, had told the Financial Times that they had no clue on how the Sherpa had died as they had lost track of him after he had accompanied the group to the summit of the world’s tallest mountain.


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