Monero’s Top Developer Leads Team in Launching a Crypto Trading Protocol


Coming soon on the new protocol built on the monero network: loyalty points, concert tickets and in-game items!

This new digital assets protocol, called Tari, will support non-exchangeable tokens (tokens with unique characteristics, such as those with ownership information, like Cryptokitties), according to co-founder Naveen Jain.

Included in the founding team for the project are Ricardo Spagni and Dan Teree, Jain said.

Tari aims to “support any kind of digital assets”. An example of a use-case for the protocol would be to allow those issuing digital assets to participate in the secondary market or resales.

However the protocol could also support items in video games or even native assets.

“If you have a decentralized distributed trustless system that supports non-fungible tokens that enforces the rule sets around digital assets, that changes the game because now you have an opportunity for consumers to trade those digital assets,” Jain said.

Jain is confident that Tari’s approach to digital assets is unique for a number of reasons saying, “I think what sets our token apart is we’re maniacally focused on our use-case. This isn’t an Ethereum competitor.”

More importantly, Jain believes protocols and networks focused at specific use-cases can be more useful compared to general-purpose ones.

“I think an important point to make in terms of how our space is evolving too -do we build a protocol that’s useful for every possible use case or do we build one that’s focused on one type of use case,” Jain deduced.


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