Morgan Creek Turned a Company’s Stock into Security Tokens

Anthony Pompliano and Morgan Creek are leading the movement to tokenize the world by turning company stock into tokens!


Regulators have been going on a consistent initial coin offering (ICO) crack down but that isn’t stopping Morgan Creek Blockchain Capital from holding its own offering.

This ICO, however, is not like your regular ICO. An asset manager at Morgan Creek had announced that the company has turned paper shares of North Carolina-based cloud storage firm, Anexio, into security tokens. The company hopes to raise at least $40 million from these Ethereum-based tokens by offering them to accredited investors.

This is an example of a very popular concept in the crypto space, tokenization.

Tokenization allows Anexio to sell its shares more cheaply and more quickly than if it were to go the traditional route.

Morgan Creek Partner Anthony Pompliano also says that tokenization is also beneficial in the long-run as it can prevent non-compliant trades. Pompliano is known for starting the Twitter hashtag to #TokenizetheWorld:

“Once all assets are tokenized, then we believe the entire financial system will be more efficient and compliant.”


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