Gaming industry releases first html5 blockchain platform


Egretia and Egret Technologies, the leading HTML5 Company in the world, have teamed up to combine their products with blockchain technology. This move should add a couple of new features to the HTML5 technology, including more efficient promotions and a payment system. Egretia hopes to bring together 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the blockchain world.

Egret Technology became a huge player in the HTML5 gaming industry in 2014. The company has managed to create an entire development kit since then, incorporating a company of more than 200,000 developers. Based on official data, Egret’s products are used on approximately 1 billion devices. In addition, the company also boasts of the largest HTML5 gaming platform with over 65,000 games and more than 40 million active users.

Egret recently became a strategic partner of the Egretia project, aimed at making blockchain a solution to bolster the growth of the HTML5 gaming market.

Egretia is focused on creating the world’s first complete HTML5 blockchain engine and development kit. This platform will use its own token, the Egreten, for transactions. Other important elements of the Egretia ecosystem will have a global distribution platform, distributed communications and storage platform, virtual goods trading platform, as well as an advertising platform. An incubator to support game development teams and individuals is also in the works.

Egretia created its own public blockchain network to implement into Egret’s existing development suite.


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