This app lets you trade Bitcoin without an Internet connection – but there’s a catch

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If you trade in crypto but often have to deal with a spotty Internet connection or sometimes none at all, there is now a way to make transactions offline.

New York-based decentralized communications startup goTenna together with Samourai Bitcoin Wallet has worked together to create an app that allows people to trade Bitcoins even without an Internet connection. Sounds good right? However, this won’t be all that simple at all. First you’ll need a goTenna mesh device worth $179. This device connects to your phone to create a mesh network with other goTenna users, enabling you to transmit information over a long range without cellular data or Wi-Fi, with UHF frequencies.

The TxTenna app works by making a channel between the Samourai Wallet and goTenna mesh device.

Users create a regular bitcoin transaction on their Samourai Wallet but without the need for Internet access. The transaction information is then passed on to the TxTenna app, which broadcasts it to immediate mesh nodes through the paired goTenna mesh device.

Each goTenna device will transmit the transaction information to other devices until it finds one that is connected to the Internet and also using the TxTenna app. Once the last device synchronizes with a phone, it will transmit your transaction info into the Bitcoin network.

This kind of setup can be very useful when you’re travelling or situated in a remote location without a stable Internet connection or cellular coverage.

If you are in a remote area, you’ll need intermediary mesh devices—one for every three miles, at least –between you and another goTenna device that is connected to the Internet.

goTenna explains that its device will “obscure who you are and where you’re at when making these transactions,” implying that one will be able to make trades without compromising privacy.

Samourai Wallet said it was inspired by the companies who explored alternative broadcasting methods for bitcoin to come up with one with better security features and addresses network outages and censorship.


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