Blockchain Tech Providers are Hindering Adoption, Says DHS

An official from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) noted that the competition between blockchain tech providers is hindering implementation


The DHS Science and Technology Division Director Douglas Maughan has said that there is a lack of “unbiased” expertise in the blockchain tech industry and it is harming the tech’s adoption and implementation:

“Such unbiased knowledge and implementation expertise is in very short supply, which will likely have significant impact on adoption.”

Tech companies are at a technological arms race to take advantage of this fresh and growing industry to acquire and offer the best and latest tech. But, according to Maughan, blockchain vendors vary immensely on their practices and solutions, leaving tech companies faced with scores of action and knowledge asymmetries:

“In the race to achieve technological advantage and market share, decision criteria to evaluate the appropriate blockchain technologies [that] are indeed appropriate for a particular situation are neglected.”

Maughan noted that, as a result, an “increasing tension between business/system owners, both in the private sector and public sector, and the technology and solution providers” is brewing. Vendors’ solutions are oftentimes in conflict with clients’ goals.

These issues are currently being dealt with by the agency.


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