Stephen Curry is a CryptoKitty!

NBA superstar Stephen Curry is CryptoKitties’ first celebrity partner as the crypto game turned the Warrior’s point guard into three rare “CurryKitties”


After garnering a whopping $12 million funding from investors, the blockchain-based virtual game has made waves as it introduced its very first celebrity collaboration with none other than the NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

In this collaboration, CryptoKitties have made not just one, but three rare cryptokitties in Curry’s honor. They call these cats the “CurryKitties”.

These CurryKitties are the first known sports collectibles on the blockchain; the first officially licensed sports cryptocollectibles. The company wishes to expand by adding more of these “branded” collectibles even beyond celebrities.

Like other CryptoKitties, the CurryKitties can become proud parents to other CryptoKitties, be sold online, or just be added to your growing CryptoKitty collection.

Caty Tedman, the Head of Partnerships at CryptoKitties, told CoinDesk that the CurryKitties represent the basketball star’s personality.

“The first will be sold by him, and it will be up to him whether he wants to sell the other two,” said Tedman.

Commenting on the partnership, the company’s co-founder, Bryce Bladon, said:

“Part of why we’re doing this is very much in line with why we want CryptoKitties in the first place-we’ve got an actual opportunity to innovate…What makes it exciting is those moments, official endorsements and being partnered with something, to have an actual example of what that’ll look like on the blockchain.”


If you want to be the proud owner of a CurryKitty, Stephen Curry himself is auctioning off his own CurryKitty, Steph Fur Three here.

There is also an ongoing CryptoKitty giveaway here. It’ll run only until May 14, 2018. Join for a chance to win 10 “highly-coveted” CryptoKitties!

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