Oracle Corp. to Introduce its Blockchain Products

The California-based company is set join the blockchain party as it plans to roll out its new blockchain products and blockchain-based applications.

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Oracle Corp., the second-largest software company in the world, will be introducing their blockchain product and blockchain-based applications next month, as announced by Oracle’s president of product development, Thomas Kurian.

So far, the company has attracted the attention of Banco de Chile and the Nigerian Government. The Oracle blockchain products will allow Banco de Chile to log inter-bank transactions on to the blockchain for quick verification processing and for added information protection. The Government of Nigeria will be using blockchain tech to document customs and import duties.

The blockchain products will also be pitched to other institutional investors from different sectors like the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Like the recent Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench launch, this move by Oracle Corp. will make blockchain tech accessible and easy to incorporate. It would most likely help increase the ever-growing list of companies that incorporate blockchain tech to their operations.


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