London Police to Sentence First Cryptocurrency Theft Arrest, Seizing $700,000 of Bitcoin


A wanted hacker who managed to steal a small wealth of cryptocurrencies, Grant West, has been arrested last year by some undercover agents. In the scene of the arrest, CCTV footages showed passengers who were cheering in the moment of the arrest, this has been regarded as yet another triumph in the digital age.

Grant’s arrest was seen as an exceptional one for the Scotland Yard even as a several criminals are being blocked and captured regularly. The 25-year-old hacker was taken into custody as the London Metropolitan Police collected about $700,000 worth of bitcoin in the process.

In a statement made by Mick Gallagher who is a police investigator that led the secret operation which have lasted for two years, he said that the police have now already debunked their thinking of being untouchable by anyone.

“These people generally feel they can operate with impunity, that they can’t be touched. We have now debunked that,” he said.

At Grant’s hearing in a British court last Wednesday, May 2, the original decision was to have the sentence announced on May 25. On the other hand, Rachel Brookes, his girlfriend who was also found out to be his accomplice in the crime, has already been ordered by the court to carry out two years of community service.

West, whose pseudonym was “Courvoisier” on the dark web, pleaded guilty to some of the cyber attacks in December 2017. Investigations showed he had initiated over 100 attacks on various companies ranging from gambling shops, to supermarkets, and cell phone companies between July and December 2015 alone.

West, with a pseudonym of “Courvoisier” on the dark web, had been pleaded guilty due to some cyber-attacks in December last year. According to investigations, West initiated over 100 attacks on various companies that ranged from gambling stops, to supermarkets, and to cell phone companies between the months of July and December 2015 alone.

It was reported that his technique involved using phishing emails to gather personal information from unsuspecting members of the public and traded this private information for cryptocurrencies on the dark web, storing the digital wealth in private wallets.

Luckily, the police were able to arrest West as his computer was filled with Bitcoin accounts logged into.

Grant’s arrest was considered as another of the complicated mission for law enforcement agents as it involved tracking virtual currencies especially, stolen or illicit funds being still a new task.

Spotting illegal criminal activities in the past was easy but over time, investigators still found it extremely difficult to determine the parties associated with these kinds of transactions.

The United States and Britain have in recent times battled best ways to regulate bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies. Though digital currencies are new but remarkable inventions, their quest to ultimately take over, entirely replacing current modes of making financial transactions, is still far from being achieved.

In recent times, the United States and Great Britain have managed to regulate bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies. Even as digital currencies are new, the quest of entirely replacing current modes of financial transactions is still far from being achieved or succeeded.


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