Cryptocurrency Communities Just Can’t Get Along


Above all their similarities, cryptocurrency agree on their mutual dislike with one another. Everything on the table that’s arguable in debate forms a chaos on the crypto community. The continuous fight in the community has hindered the cryptocurrency adoption than any external threats.

With the continuous fight against ripple supporters and Dogecoin diehards, Bitcoin Core and Cash maximalists sniping and Vergelets lashing out against everyone, the idea of being on the same side is easily forgotten. But Crypto communities have the innate nature of uniting every single one of them without it being noticed.

Ever since in history, humans have been lashing out on fellow humans the same way that religious factions have been attacking each other for centuries, everything else is the much the same with crypto Twitter.

Last week, Jackson Palmer stated his frustration on his site over the continuous attacks of Ripple supporters over XRP data. Such attacks are not isolated with the Ripple community not being the only ones to face charges. One of the few reasons why altcoin communities continue to argue is due to their overflowing passion over crypto yet it has become a risk for alienating newcomers.

In Kent Barton’s book, “Divided We Fail: The Irrational Insanity of Crypto Tribalism” he wrote that being part of same technological revolution does not encourage wasting our time attacking ourselves.

“We’re all part of the same technological revolution. Yet here we are, wasting precious time and energy attacking ourselves…tribal thinking will do nothing to make the world a better and freer place. Its only beneficiaries are the centralized entities we seek to disintermediate,” he said.

But detractors still can’t call the Ripple a “centralized security” or the idea of the “shitcoin vaporware” if ever they want to for the bright side about crypto is that nobody can really tell you what to do.

Being in control of your keys, crypto and the conversations you’ll have with fellow coiners, your attitude can be a mix of being insightful, funny or sometimes being a jerk. But if you entitle yourself with constantly bashing or attacking anyone who criticizes yourself then maybe it’s time to get a reminder of why you’re in it in the first place. It’s not crypto vs. crypto rather crypto vs. the rest of the world. Keep in mind winning the battle for the mass for squabbling over scalability.


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