Missing Bitcoin Miners from Iceland May Be in China


Roughly 600 missing bitcoin mining machines from Iceland may be in China, according to a report from a local news outlet.

The report reveals Icelandic police sent Chinese authorities an inquiry after the latter confiscated around 600 mining computers. Tianjin Police reportedly confiscated the machines after detecting unusually high electric consumption, Xinhua News said.

Xinhua News explained that this incident may have been the “largest power theft case in recent years”. The news agency also added that eight high-power fans were also confiscated. The individuals who were operating the mining farm were able to avoid receiving a bill for their electric consumption by short-circuiting their electricity meter.

If left untouched, the meter would have recorded “hundreds of thousands of yuans” worth of electric consumption, Xinhua reported.

However, it remains unclear whether the confiscated machines in China are related to Iceland’s “Big Bitcoin Heist”. As reported sometime ago, the mining machines were stolen across several incidents on December and January, and so far officials have had no luck in locating them.


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