Microsoft Azure Cuts Blockchain App Development Time from Months to Days

Microsoft Azure is releasing a blockchain app creation service to simplify blockchain app development.


Microsoft has just released its newest blockchain app creation service, the Azure Blockchain Workbench. This service allegedly cuts down app development time from months to just days.

Microsoft Azure has had “thousands” of customers experiment with the blockchain templates and developer tools the offer on their marketplace to get started on their blockchain endeavors. Microsoft has seen players in different industries creating different application to address a variety of needs. But, as Microsoft noted on their blog, they noticed that these startups, however different, experienced the same challenges:

“Bespoke applications are costly and time consuming to develop and notoriously difficult to integrate.”

The solution? The Azure Blockchain Workbench.

Workbench automates infrastructure setup, allowing developers and business owners to focus on more important tasks.

With the use of the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, users experience automated ledger deployment and network construction, and quick integration of the blockchain network with Azure services.

With services like this that make blockchain app development easier and more accessible to the public, a blockchain revolution cannot be far away.

Get your Blockchain Workbench here.


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