Reddit will soon accept bitcoin again


One of the most widely used social media by crypto enthusiasts, Reddit, will soon return Bitcoin as payment option. Those supported by Coinbase Litecoin(LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) may follow soon afterwards.

Reddit is known for having a Dodgecoin tipping system for a long time, abuses were found.

Due to technological incompatibility with the chief service for handling crypto payments called Coinbase, Reddit stopped Bitcoin payments. After restoring, the option would reappear soon. Recently, Reddit Gold membership accepts Bitcoin payments.

Reddit finally admitted technical difficulties were the issue. The dropping of Bitcoin came at a time when the asset struggled to keep its price, and a bear market was expected to continue.

Social media and crypto went together in the earlier years of crypto coins. But since then, increasing prices, scams and scandals and a move to other communication channels lowered the use of tipping.

ReddCoin (RDD), digital assets still used for social media, RDD was one of the strongest performers in the past month, nearly tripling its price, growing by 7% overnight to $0.011. Reddit did not officially adopt RDD digital but is often used in tipping informally.


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