Huge Reward for Lost Cryptocurrency

The reward for two lost cryptocurrency hardware wallets has been increased to more than three times the original reward amount.


Last month, Swiss man Thomas T. lost a bag containing two cryptocurrency hardware wallets containing a total of 800,000 Francs worth of cryptocurrencies and has offered 40,000 Francs as a reward for its return. Now, with the hardware wallets still lost, Thomas has increased the reward to 135,000 Francs.

Since news of the reward got out, Thomas has received several emails from people who want to claim the reward. However, none of these people actually found the lost hardware wallets with them.

The bad has a Lionfood logo on it. The 27-year old Lucerne resident lost it as he went to Migros supermarket. Thomas could not remember if he had left the bag in the car as he went grocery shopping or elsewhere.

The bag contained an Acer Aspire V3 the 771g laptop computer, the Keepkey, and Ledger Nano S devices.

Thomas cannot access the online backup as he doesn’t have the recovery codes necessary for retrieving the device contents.

Any information about the missing hardware wallets should be sent to this email address:


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