@Bitcoin Twitter Account Claims BCH is Oldest Cryptocurrency

The battle for the Bitcoin brand continues as the Bitcoin Twitter account lets out a controversial tweet claiming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the original, oldest cryptocurrency.

Credits to GreenScreen Brasil for the lifebar

The Bitcoin Twitter account (@Bitcoin) stirs the bitcoin community yet again with a tweet claiming that BCH is the oldest cryptocurrency.

As it claimed BCH to be the oldest and original cryptocurrency, it called bitoin (BTC), or Bitcoin Core as they call it, an “experimental” currency.

These claims are made as the BCH community believes that BTC strayed from the “true vision” of the original bitcoin whitepaper while BCH is the cryptocurrency that stayed true to it.

Tensions between the two cryptocurrency communities are at an all-time high. As reported earlier, the BTC community has been fighting against the “deceptive and manipulative tactics” employed by the BCH camp to deceive buyers into buying BCH instead of BTC. This controversial tweet is viewed as another one of their tactics.

While the BCH community does have some compelling arguments, the BTC community is having none if it:

Where do you stand?


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