A Payment Institution is Opening an Over-the-Counter Crypto Trading Desk

Since 2013, Wyre has traded more than $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency assets. The company intends to greatly increase that figure with the launch of an over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading desk.


Payment service provider Wyre has been in the crypto asset trading business since 2013. They’ve been using blockchain technology to improve the current state of cross-border payments for both individuals and businesses.

Introducing an over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading desk is a huge step forward for the crypto industry. With the Wyre OTC crypto trading desk, institutional investors and other big investors “obtain superior liquidity, price discover, best execution” and exclusive research in the form of weekly insights reports.

Thomas Scaria, former Investment Associate at Citi and CFA Charterholder, will be joining the Wyre OTC desk:

“It’s really exciting, we have a vision of combining our blockchain incumbency with traditional finance infrastructure to build out a world-class Crypto desk. This hybrid approach is our edge and we will be bringing a new wave of trading technology that will pass on value to our clients.”


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