The Serial Forker: Rhett Creighton and His Reputation Built on Forks

The crypto community is calling Rhett Creighton out for being "The Serial Forker" linking his practices to pump and dumps and market manipulation.


Rhett Creighton is a big name in the crypto industry known for creating Zclassic (ZCL) via a fork from Zcash. He is also the same man behind Bitcoin Private, a fork–or as the crypto community calls it, a spork–of ZCL and bitcoin (BTC).

The community was hyped up after the announcement of Bitcoin Private as it was a fork of two coins. Carrying the “Bitcoin” brand and being marketed as “bitcoin but private” greatly contributed to the hype. ZCL saw a rise in value to $200!

Creighton noted that it was the most important project of his life:

The Pump and Dump

Soon after the launch, ZCL price crashed from $200 to just $5! This lead to outrage and accusations from the crypto community that ZCL was just a massive pump and dump project by Creighton. However, ZCL holders were not that bothered as they were going to get free Bitcoin Private coins anyway.

Underwhelming Coin

Bitcoin Private supporters were eager to see their coin on major exchanges around the world. But when progress was slow, disappointment set in.

It didn’t help that the Bitcoin Private team–including Creighton–did not provide the community with any announcements or a road map of the project at the very least.

Another One

In spite of the current problems with Bitcoin Private, Creighton seemed to switch his interest to yet another fork: Bitcoin Prime.

He was fired from Bitcoin Private the very next day.

Hiding Behind a Name Change?

His move towards yet another fork has sparked outrage in the community. He was called out multiple times, most notably from Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer who is accusing him of market manipulation:

Palmer brought up that Creighton used to go by a different name: Everett Forth–the same man found to have gamed the Stellar system:


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