BTC Community: is a fraud!


The battle between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continues as the pro-BTC community are accusing of misleading investors into buying BCH instead of BTC.

The community has even launched a website,, to gather those affected by the alleged fraudulent activities of the website as well as collect BTC donations supporting the cause. from the website, there is also a Telegram group for victims and other interested parties. As of this writing, there are 966 members in the said group.

The community aims to protect buyers from “fraudulent businesses” and help victims recover their lost funds.

What’s Up With

So why and how exactly does “mislead” buyers into buying BCH instead of BTC? is a website that provides information on BTC and BCH, provides a wallet to support both BTC and BCH, and provides investors with a way to buy BTC and BCH via credit card.

The BTC community claims that the website has altered its interface to obscure the differences between the two cryptocurrencies as seen here:

The website also clearly favors BCH, referring to BTC as Bitcoin Core and BCH as the “upgrade” that solves the issues with BTC.

Roger Ver,’s creator, has been called out on Twitter multiple times. A more notable tweet comes from a big name in the crypto industry, Erik Vorhees:

The battle between the two cryptocurrencies has been going on since BCH was created via hard fork back in August 2017.




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